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Dr. Filippo Nucera, NRCVS

[dt_sc_blockquote type=”type3″ align=”center” cite=”Mahatma Gandhi”]The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.[/dt_sc_blockquote]


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A qualified veterinary surgeon with a strong scientific background and critical thinking skills acquired during studies.

Key clinical interests focus on pets and exotic animals routine medicine and surgery (spay neutering, gastric torsion, splenectomy, cystotomy enterotomies, enterectomie, hernias) I have special interest in orthopedic surgery: treatment open fractures, internal fracture fixation with pins and locking plate implant, TPLO , DPO.

External skeletal fixation: linear and circular external skeletal fixation system. Treatment of fractures, nonunions and bone loss with the Ilizarov method. Fracture reduction and alignment; standing position; joint proximal and distal. Application of bandages and splints. Deformity surgical correction. Phatogenesis, diagnosis, control and surgical therapy of canine hip and elbow dysplasia. Amputations. Muscle and tendon disorders. Muscoloskeletal neoplasia and limb-sparing surgery. Neurosurgery.

Through previous roles experience has been gained in working independently, decision making and project management. Now seeking a role that allows me to put into practice the experience gained.

I like to work alone and in a team; and I like to investigate the clinical cases to have a definitive diagnosis .



Interpersonal & Communication

I’ve considerable interpersonal and communication skills . Excellent team spirit.

Good organizational skills and great capacity of time management.

Constantly active participation in national congresses on the subject.

Good technical skills and knowledge of the most common computer programs: Word; Excel and Power Point.


Personal Statement

Graduation from veterinary studies. A considerable amount of time was spent for the refresher courses in veterinary medicine with particular interest in exotic pets and small animals surgery.

I co -wrote the book "Medicine and surgery on pet rabbit ", dealing with the three chapters on anesthesia.


Clinical Experience

2015-present Clinical Experience Rome (Italy)

Monthly clinical experience (one week month) at the veterinary clinic “Roma Sud”.

During this time I was exposed mainly neurosurgery.

2011-present Veterinary Freelance Reggio Calabria (Italy)

Pets and Exotic Animals medicine and surgery (brachiocephalic syndrome, thoracic and

abdominal surgery, nephrectomy, urogenital surgery, TECALBO, to name a few) .

Consulting and Orthopedic Surgery.

2007-2011 Clinical Experience Reggio Calabria (Italy)

Veterinary Doctor At Veterinary Clinic Dr . Joseph Barillaro

Health Department Veterinary Clinic San Giorgio



2015-present ESVPS European School of veterinary Postgraduate Studies (Italy)

In Small Animal Surgery

Expected completion: October 2016

22 Nov.2012: Specialized Postgraduate Studies University of Bari (Italy)

Faculty of Medicine Veterinary

Specialist in Reproductive Physiopathology of Domestic Animals

“Protocols anaesthetics during surgery of the reproductive system of the pet rabbit”

16 Nov. 2006: Veterinary Medicine course Universita’ di Teramo (Italy)

Student in Veterinary Medicine at the EAEVE accredited Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,

Teramo (Italy). Fully qualified veterinary surgeon, state examination passed.


Hobbies and interests

I like to live outdoors and do long walks with my family.

Sometimes, in my free time, I go fishing with my friends.

I have an aquarium and I like to take care, within it there are tropical fish and plants.

I cultivate ornamental plants, I especially like the cactuses.

I like sport and I play football twice a week.

I love to read scientific magazines.

I have a driver’s license.

I’m regional delegate of the SIVAE (Italian society veterinarians exotic animals) and member

of the FOI (Italian federation of ornicultura).